Three Good Things Thursday #5

Thankyou Coles Woolies

Sometimes good things are delightfully trivial occurrences or objects that bring you joy (did someone say miniature furniture??!).

Sometimes they’re highbrow, world-rocking, big picture things that fill you with hope, wonder and optimism. This week’s good things are dedicated to some of the “big picture” things that have empowered and en-happied* us.


1. Watching social media explode with a social conscience. Thankyou. (who brought us thankyou. water) have launched the Coles and Woolworths Campaign. They’ve developed food and body products along the same line as their water range – ie: you buy stuff you need anyway, and part of the purchase cost goes to clean water/hygiene/food programs in developing nations. My bottled water divorce aside, this is awesome! Get on board here as they’ve got under 2 weeks till their meetings to get their products into the supermarket giants.

2. Honesty. Not always easy but always authentic. Requiring bravery and openness. Ideally it’s something we practice every day. But since (to be honest) that’s not always the case, it’s refreshing to hear honesty practiced with intention.

3. Lady Power! So I went on a TED-binge* and wound up watching an hour’s worth of awe-inspiring women take on the world and everything in it. Hearing real ladies talk about real problems and real solutions. Basically, it makes me proud to be a woman, and hopeful of adding my voice at every opportunity it’s called upon.

*Possibly not a real word…

** Also possibly not a real term. Yet.


Whether it’s a world-change-type Good Thing or a yay-for-fresh-sheets moment, we want to hear what inspired YOU this week! Post your Good Things below (we will love you forever!).

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